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Vintage Mitchell

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Mitchell 300 DL – 1961-1974 = 4,101 Units
Mitchell 301 DL – Unknown but Very Limited Units Made in the Mid to Late 1960s


Mitchell Presentation Reels were made as far back as the late fifties called DeLuxe or DL for short. The first issued was the "test" version 300DL made in the late fifties. In the very early sixties, the 300DL was produced and advertised for the public. The 301DL came out in the later sixties along with the 408DL followed close by the 410DL.

Except for the test version 300DL; all DeLuxe reels came in wood boxes with silver engraving plates on the top. The reels have a gold plated engraving plate on the reel’s housing and other gold plated parts as you will see.

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