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Vintage Mitchell

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The Mac Carr Engraved: Mike Read purchased this reel from Bill Arp in 2006; the only engraved reel to date with hard evidence of its origin and authenticity. To quote Bill Arp:


“Mac Carr served for many years as The Garcia Corporation's Northeast Regional Manager. This beautiful hand engraved reel was just one reel from his large collection that I bought circa 1980 but after studied, dates back to the mid 1950s. He also provided a signed letter attesting to the factory origin, and included his business card. It was his strong opinion that less than ten engraved reels were made, and the true number was probably five or six-to the best of my knowledge. This is the only engraved Mitchell to have a signed letter of provenance from a highly placed Garcia official.”

The Mitchell Engraved:
Two of these surfaced in 2005 but with no evidence of these being made by or for Garcia or Mitchell has been presented. For now all we know is it's an original Mitchell reel from the mid-fifties prior to "300" being engraved.

The Mitchell 300 Engraved: This reel was purchased by Mike Read in 2006 and is still being researched like the other unknown. For now we know it's an original Mitchell 300 reel from the later fifties just after "300" started being engraved.


Note: There's a possibility that The Mac Carr and/or The Mitchell was in celebration of the 10,000th case of Mitchell reels produced in 1955. There's also the possibility The Mitchell 300 was in celebration of the one millionth reel being made in 1957. The first known "publicity" of a Mitchell milestone wasn't until circa 1966. All celebrations prior to this year were held in private including the One Millionth Reel. More research is required!


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The Mac Carr
The Mac Carr
The Mitchell
The Mitchell
The Mitchell 300
The Mitchell 300
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