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P Letter Suffix on Conventional Mitchell Reels (P)

The P Letter Suffix on Conventional Mitchell Reels was first used in 1963 on the original 600 Series Mitchell reels that were specially designed for saltwater casting but with a plastic (P) spool.

Page Fishing Reel (Page)

In 1964 Mitchell decided to make their first economy reel. It was introduced at first without the Mitchell name called Page. These were made in limited quantities and soon became the Mitchell 320 series. Garcia introduced the Garcia Mitchell 320 in 1967.

Pecos Fishing Reel (Pecos)

The Pecos fishing reel was designed and sold by Pêcheur Ecossais, a fishing tackle shop in Paris, with the "assistance" of Carpano & Pons. It is believed by some that this reel was made prior to the first version CAP reel but it would be a big surprise for me if Pecos had “originally” came out along with the Cap (whether prototype or production) since they were just a luxury fishing tackle shop. I believe they still exist. (Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)

Planamatic Gearing in Mitchell Reels (Planamatic)

A revolution for Mitchell was their Planamatic Gearing for the CAP reel in the early fifties. This gearing combined the best features of both the old Level-wind and the Cross-wind for maximum line capacity and no line binding and was later used on other Mitchell reels. Patented by Charles Pons as CEO of Carpano and Pons; the original inventor is believed to be Maurice Jacquemin who still worked for Carpano & Pons in those days. You will see these confusing Patents but under French ownership and patent laws in those days, if you invented something while employed by a corporation; the CEO or owner of the company was entitled to the patent in his name. (Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)


President Series Mitchell Big Game Reels (President)

Mitchell France started making the President series in the mid-1980s to compete with other big game reels. These consisted of several sizes including 4/0, 6/0, 9/0 and the 12/0 and priced far less than the Mitchell 1000 series big game reels. See Mitchell Big Game Trolling Reels for more information.

Prince Mitchell 308 Fishing Reel (Prince)

In the late fifties the Mitchell 308 fishing reel was introduced mainly for the European market as the Prince. Mitchell 308 was engraved on the housing right over a raised cast in the Housing that looks like FRONCE only on these first versions. A Prince sticker was placed on the cover plate. These same stickers were placed later on the High Speed 358 series for a very short period of time.

Prisu Fishing Reel (Prisu)

In the late sixties the Prisu series reels were made by Mitchell for a chain store in France. These reels have Prisu stickers (no Mitchell) followed by a 0 for the 300; 4 for the 340 and 6 for the 306 Mitchell series reels. The Prisu 4 is identical to the Arca M40 except for the sticker.

Pro Africa Mitchell Spinning Reel (Pro Africa)

In 1997 Mitchell Sports of France along with JWA, Johnson Diversified of Canada, STS Outdoor Fishing Worldwide of Germany and Mitchell Italia of Italy produced two magnificent reels; the 498X Pro and the 498X Pro Africa. The only difference was the Pro Africa came with a special aluminum spool for use with braided line. The 498 Pro Africa was in limited quantities. For more information see our Collector’s Gallery.

PRO Suffix on Mitchell Reels (PRO)

A standard Mitchell reel made in the eighties by Mitchell Sports but improved in appearance, mechanically and with special packaging. Some people including us believe these were used to entice professional fishermen to use Mitchell reels. I also believe it was to entice Bass Pro Shops since it was at this time period that Mitchell created the 400G and the 408G for Bass Pro!


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