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NARMCO - National Research and Manufacturing Company

Howdy friends! I have been researching NARMCO for a number of years and have had the fortune to discuss the early years of the company with former employees and their families. The following is a timeline that I would like to share with you all:

Dr. Glen Havens

Dr. G. G. Havens and his associates produce a new laminate material known as "Conolon" in early 1943. When impregnated with highly developed resin Conolon enables the production of strong light weight products that withstand extreme temperature and humidity changes.

National Research and Manufacturing Company (NARMCO) founded in 1944 by Dr. G. G. Havens was established initially to develop a series of structural adhesives under the trademark "Metlbond" and a reinforced laminate under the "Conolon" name.

Incorporated as "NARMCO, Inc." in 1946, development of the tubular fiberglass fishing rod concluded at Corona del Mar, California in 1946. Pilot production of the tubular fiberglass fishing rod began at Corona del Mar, California in 1946.

NARMCO began full production of the tubular fiberglass fishing rod at Costa Mesa, California in February 1947. Eugene H. von Ehrenberg joined NARMCO in March 1947.

Renames itself NARMCO Industries, Inc., in April 1952 and splits into five divisions: NARMCO Research and Development Division, performs both private and government research; NARMCO Manufacturing Company, manufacturer of military and aviation products; NARMCO Resins and Coating Company, produces impregnated cloth, adhesives, resins and coatings; NARMCO Sporting Goods Company, manufacturer of fishing rods and blanks; And National Rod Company, distributor of NARMCO Sporting Goods Division products.

1956 - 1960
Eric von Ehrenberg believes that NARMCO Sporting Goods Company Manufactured fishing rods for the Garcia Corporation under the name "Garcia-Conolon" brand.

NARMCO industries was sold to "Telecomputing Corporation" in February 1960 (later re-named Whitaker Corporation listed on the NYSE) We believe that during this time period the "Telecomputing Corporation" spins off the National Rod Company and NARMCO Sporting Goods company to the "Garcia Corporation", which re-names the two "The Conolon Corporation" a Division of the Garcia Corporation.


  • NARMCO never referred to its fiberglass fishing rods as "hollow"
  • NARMCO always referred to themselves as "originator of the tubular fiberglass fishing rod"

This timeline would not have come together without the help of Eric von Ehrenburg whose father Eugene was at one time President of NARMCO Sporting Goods. I am still engaged in research but hope to have more of the NARMCO/Conolon story available in the near future.

From the author, Tim Barton
If you have information you are willing to share (catalogs, newspaper clippings, advertisements, etc.) please feel free to reply to this article.

If you feel I have screwed up and any of the information contained in this timeline is incorrect, please let me know and if possible point me to a reference source I can use to get the correct skinny.

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