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Match Competition Mitchell Reels (Match)

Match is a term used mainly in The UK for Competition Coarse Fishing. Mitchell made several Match Competition Mitchell Reels specifically designed for this event with the word Match engraved in script on the cover plate. These include but are not limited to; the 440 and 840 series Auto-Bail reels. Naturally, other models and brands were also used in this competition.


Match Engraved Mitchell Fishing Reels (Match Engraved)

In the late sixties through the eighties Mitchell made several versions of Match Engraved Mitchell Fishing Reels on the 440 and 840 series models. These reels have the word Match engraved on them and were made for public distribution mainly in The UK. Please note that some were Match Grade whereas others were not.


Match Grade Mitchell Reels (Match Grade)

The early versions of Match Grade Mitchell Reels were assembled using what they called Match Grade and had the word Match engraved on the cover plate. The gearing and tooling of these reels were of higher standards than those of the same series not labeled Match. The first was the Garcia Mitchell Match that was a 440 series but without the model number engraved. The last known Match Grade Mitchell was not a Match Reel but was Browning’s first version 440A Lightning Cast.


MIB | Mint in Box (MIB)

Abbreviation for Mint in Box which should mean the reel has only a tiny amount of shelf wear from age and never used. It should also be in the original box it was sold in. Matching serial numbers are very important to determine this as well as the correct spool and all other components. The problem with this is a lot of people use this term that have no idea what it means. Others that do know what it means TRY to make up “Frankenstein” reels MIB. Buyers Beware!


Milbro | Millard Brothers of Scotland (Milbro)

Milbro is an abbreviation for Millard Brothers of Scotland, a large fishing tackle company with close affiliation with Mitchell France documented as far back as 1946/47.  In those days they were wholesaler N° 1 for the whole North of the British and Scottish nations. They were also one of the very few retailers and wholesalers allowed to sell Mitchell reels due to these old friendships. They also came out with a few Mitchell reels with their Milbro Sticker attached. Needless to say they were quite disappointed when Barrie Welham opened shop in The UK with Garcia Tackle. (Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)

Millard Brothers of Scotland (Millard)

Millard Brothers of Scotland, see Milbro.

Mint Condition Mitchell Reels (Mint)

Mint Condition in Mitchell Reels is a term used to describe the condition in appearance as near new looking with very tiny shelf wear only and never used. Beware when someone uses this term Mint for its age and not the condition both in appearance and mechanical. Good close up photographs say a lot so when you hear it's in Mint Condition for it's age, beware!

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