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L Suffix on Mitchell Match Reels (L Suffix)

In the late sixties, Garcia (UK) sold a Mitchell 440 and 441 in The UK but only had the words Garcia Mitchell Match inscribed on the reel with no series number. The letter L was inscribed next to the word Match on the left hand “LH” version.

Level-Wind Mitchell Reel Gears (Level-Wind)

The very first Mitchell reel had Level-Wind gears for line retrieval. Due to a very slow oscillation of the spool’s motion in and out; the line was distributed evenly on the spool. The problem with this type of gearing was line binding.


LH Mitchell Fishing Reels (LH)

LH in Mitchell Fishing Reels is a term used for Left Hand reels also called right hand wind or odd numbered reels. You would hold the rod and reel in your left hand and cast with your right. To this day, this causes much confusion amongst anglers but this is what Mitchell called them.


Lightning Cast Mitchell 440A LC Reels (ALC)

First made in 1983/84 by Mitchell for Browning during Browning’s short involvement. Browning decided to “bring back the Mitchell 440A because it never gained the popularity it deserves.” This reel was the Mitchell 440A Lightning Cast commonly called the “ALC”. First versions were Match Grade quality and also available was the 441A Lightning Cast in very limited quantities.

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