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K Kits Garcia Mitchell Reels (K Kits)

Starting in 1953/1954 Garcia Mitchell USA made up Garcia Mitchell 300 reel K Kits with special Garcia tackle boxes. These kits also included many other items such as lures, fishing line, grease and much more. Garcia soon expanded these to other models. For more information see our Gallery.


Kilt Fishing Reels (Kilt)

In the early sixties the Kilt reels were made by Mitchell as a private brand for Nouvelles Galeries and Galeries Lafayette; a major French traditional chain store which use to cover all major cities in France. These reels have Kilt in place of Mitchell engraved followed by a 0 for the 300, 4 for the 304 and 6 for the 306 Mitchell series reels. You will also find several Galion series reels with the KILT insignia. JP Gumprich

Kingfisher Fishing Reels (Kingfisher)

Kingfisher Fishing Reels were first called Galion. Galion fishing reels were a series of low price reels made at Impecco, France request to begin entrenching against Far Eastern competition. The name was not palatable for the US market so it was changed to Kingfisher.


Because of serious mechanical problems with the original versions, name and colour changes were required. Garcia got on this bandwagon fairly late; originally they did not believe there was any need for this series reel. (Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)


Kirk Odo Fishing Reels (Kirk Odo)

The Odo Manufacturing Plant in France was (believed to be) a subcontractor for Mitchell at a time when plant production capacities were limited and sales began to peak in the fifties. When “jilted” by C&P they decided to do things their own way and started making their own reel called Kirk Odo Fishing Reels. With only 20,000 units made; Impecco picked up the export/import and Garcia began marketing of this reel but had the name changed to Kroyden. The reasons behind the names Kirk-Odo and then Kroyden can only be speculative. Though this reel was never part of "Mitchell" it is part of Mitchell's history. (Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)

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