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Vintage Mitchell

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DL / Deluxe Mitchell Reel Models (DL)

Included are the 300DL, 301DL, 408DL and the 410DL which were made for public distribution. All have gold plating on certain components, a plate on the reel for engraving the owner’s name and a wooden presentation box. There is insurmountable evidence that the first release did not come in a box and was given to select vendors by Garcia as a test market in the late fifties. For more information see our Gallery.

Dual Series Rod and Reel Combos (Dual)

In 1971 Mitchell was celebrating 20 million reels being sold. Balzer of Germany helped celebrate this event by advertising and selling the first “Dual” series. These were the 500, 508, 510 and 540 offered as a “set” with a matching Conolon rod. Neither the rod or reel had the Balzer name inscribed but instead, the Dual Wedge Sticker. For more information see our Gallery.


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