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Balzer Mitchell Reels (Balzer)

Exclusive importer and distributor of Mitchell for Germany.

Bass Pro Shops

Since the mid-1980s, Bass Pro Shops still has a long time standing relationship with Mitchell as a very large retailer of fishing equipment and other outdoor sporting goods. It was because of this relationship that Mitchell made the Mitchell G series reels and quite possibly the Mitchell Pro Series reels.


Benjamin Mitchell Reels (Benjamin)

A Benjamin Sticker was placed on a limited quantity of Albatros Mitchell 308 reels that are also inscribed with The Flying Albatros logo naturally distributed only in The Netherlands.

BHV Fishing Reels (BHV)

Three Mitchell reels were made by Mitchell in France for exclusive sale by Le Bazar de L’Hotel de Ville commonly called B.H.V pronounced "Bay Hash Vay" in French. The first release was the Mitchell 314 series inscribed with only Super BHVA Mitchell 300 and 306 with only BHV inscribed was produced later. There was also a second release of the 314 with only BHV inscribed. The B.H.V is just across the street from the Hotel de Ville in Paris, France.

Bicentennial Garcia Mitchell 300 Reel (Bicentennial)

A Garcia Mitchell 300 that was repainted by Garcia red, white and blue in 1976 as a presentation gift to select retailers in celebration of America’s 200th Independence Day (1776 – 1976). See our Collector’s Gallery for more information.

Big Game Mitchell Reels (Big Game)

The Big Game Mitchell Reels are known as the 1000 "trolling" series. The first three issues – 1040 (4/0), 1060 (6/0) and the 1090 (9/0) were offered in a wood display case. These were sold in both European markets and by Garcia starting in the late sixties. In 1977 Mitchell introduced the 1120 (12/0) that was only distributed in Europe. Mitchell also made another series of big game reels starting in the early 1980s simply called The President.


The 1000 series of Mitchell big game reels were not made to compete with Penn as some believe, but to compete with the Californian brand also made of anodized aluminum side plates. It is the much smaller Mitchell 600 series that was originally designed to compete with Penn. It was later on when Penn came out with their own series to compete against all metal reels! (Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)

BlackFish Fishing Reels (BlackFish)

The BlackFish reels were made by Carpano & Pons for discount stores and only sold in France. These reels have a Blackfish Sticker followed by B10, B20, B30, B40 and B50. These were less expensive copies of the Mitchell 320, 324, 300, 316 and 386 series reels sold in the seventies.

Bronze Series Mitchell Fishing Reels (Bronze)

During Browning’s short involvement with Mitchell, a Mitchell Bronze Series was introduced in 1983 which included the 320, 324, 382, 906, 908, 910 and the 440A series reels.

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