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Descriptions and Photos of all Mitchell Reels are being added in Our Mitchell Reel Image Gallery


A complete list of all Mitchell reels made in France for sale to the public is Right Here


Dating Mitchell reels is easy if you have the right tools and here it is, the Mitchell Reel Dating Guide


Help support our museum by shopping at our very unique Vintage Mitchell Reels for Sale Page

The Mitchell Fishing Reel 75th Anniversary

The Mitchell Fishing Reel 75th AnniversaryAfter 75 years, 2014 brings in a new dawn for not only our website, but for all those who have fond memories of, collect or still fish with vintage Mitchell reels! If are you looking to learn, buy, sell, repair, service, ask questions or go back to fishing with a vintage Mitchell fishing reel, you're at the right place!


A fanned selection of authentic Mitchell Reel schematics.

For the best vintage Mitchell fishing reel schematics collection ever shown, view our Schematics Gallery


We do not sell these very rare parts. We do offer aid in at least helping you get the correct Part Number

An old fashioned black and white image of a man's handing fixing service a reel with a screwdriver.

We do not service or repair Mitchell Reels but we do offer free Service and Repair Videos Here


Read the fascinating story of Mitchell 300 reels and how it all came together by Clicking Here

Mitchell Reel Museum, the most trusted source for all things Mitchell. We specialize in documenting all Mitchell reels made in France from 1939 to 1989. Now after 75 years, these are considered to be the best vintage fishing and collectable reels in the world!



See videos on Garcia Mitchell Reel Service, History, Fishing Demo in our Videos Gallery


For the Best Mitchell Reel Advertisements ever shown, view our Garcia Ads Collection Here


These are the people that made Mitchell famous (under construction) Who's Who Gallery


A Complete 1st Version Mitchell Study with Photos, the first of its kind on any reel. Read Now

"As Mitchell Fishing Reel Collectors, our moral duty is to preserve the History and Integrity of Mitchell Reels and the company who started it all, Carpano & Pons as well as Garcia, Arca, Albatros, Balzer, Milbro and many others who made it happen! If you want to understand this heritage and be part of the continuing legacy, you're at the right place!



Ask questions or just browse interesting topics in Our Mitchell Mates Forum

Conolon Rod Ads Img

Garcia Conolon rod advertisements in our 1950~1962 Conolon Rod Collection


Our Mitchell Reel Glossary of terms that are used on this site is Right Here


“ABU” advertisements in this section from vintage Garcia catalogs only. See Now

This site is dedicated to the millions of men, women and children-at-heart with precious memories of the most beloved fishing reel ever made beginning with The Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel. The positive impact these reels had on our lives by helping to bring families together will live on." Wallace Carney


Read about the history of Mitchell Fishing Reels

Our History Page: "The engineering quality, for which Carpano & Pons were famous, and the quantity of the reels they produced has never been surpassed. Group Carpano & Pons went on and built many millions of reels! There has never been a range of any other major item of fishing tackle, be it rods, reels, lines, that has achieved anything like the same quality for a single brand and producer." Barrie Welham, former CEO and owner, Garcia Tackle Ltd, UK