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Wedge Stickers on Mitchell Reels (Wedge Stickers)

Garcia Wedge StickerWedge Stickers on Mitchell Reels were used by Garcia and Mitchell and wedge shaped by design. The first use was the Garcia Wedge Sticker first used in the fifties. These were first used as advertisement and on Garcia Mitchell reels boxes and eventually used directly on reels. This became Garcia’s Logo that was red with the word Garcia in white.  The next use of this wedge design was by Mitchell with the word Special in white on red background.


These Special Wedge Stickers were first placed on rods special made for the Forked Foot series reels by Mitchell and sold in very limited quantity for the European market only. These Special Wedges were then used on the 400 series Mitchell reels sold in Europe only. For some reason, toward the end of Garcia’s involvement, the Garcia Wedge changed to silver with the word Garcia in black. After Garcia’s involvement, the Special wedge sticker was used in place of the Garcia wedge.


During Browning short involvement, for a very short period of time in the early eighties; Browning used this red and white wedge on boxes only but with Reels in place of Garcia.