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Tournament Mitchell 300 Reels (Tournament Reels)

Professional casting competition became very popular in the sixties mainly in The UK. This included “Skish” or more commonly referred to as Accuracy Casting and the ever popular Distance Casting. In the early sixties Mitchell started their own line of the high quality and very expensive Mitchell tournament reels. These were highly modified Mitchell 300 reels with special gearing and in all cases included an extra gear. This gear reversed the rotation of the Rotating Head which enabled the caster to use his finger for easy line control during a cast if needed.


The Mitchell Tournament Reels made for Distance Casting have a locking mechanism on the Handle’s axis to lock it in place to not be disqualified for movement which was not allowed. These Mitchell Tournament Reels also incorporated the use of two or more Manual Pickups for perfect line placement on the spool. Made for Professional Casters only and never sold to the general public; these reels are highly prized in collections but not to be confused with standard models with aftermarket tournament style spools.


Mitchell only made three different Mitchell Tournament Reels you can find out more about in our Mitchell 300 Tournament Reels Gallery.