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Conolon Fishing Rods (Conolon)

Dr. G. G. Havens and his associates produce a new laminate material known as "Conolon" in early 1943. National Research and Manufacturing Company (NARMCO) founded in 1944 by Dr. G. G. Havens was established initially to develop a series of structural adhesives under the trademark "Metlbond" and a reinforced laminate under the "Conolon" name. NARMCO Sporting Goods Company Manufactured fishing rods for the Garcia Corporation under the "Garcia-Conolon" name.


NARMCO industries was sold to "Telecomputing Corporation" in February 1960 (later re-named Whitaker Corporation listed on the NYSE) We believe that during this time period the "Telecomputing Corporation" spins off the National Rod Company and NARMCO Sporting Goods company to the "Garcia Corporation", which re-names the two "The Conolon Corporation" a Division of the Garcia Corporation.


Please see the Conolon Narmco Timeline Article for more information.