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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:08 pm • #  
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Dear Sir, due to a death in our family I have been charged with the disposal of two early Mitchell 300 reels. As I collect other "old stuff" I appreciate it when I get the opportunity to acquire something old and original. Yes, last resort is e-bay, but first lets see if I can make some collector happy.

There were three brothers in this family and all were in the Navy dating back to the early 50's. I suspect that this is where these Mitchells were purchased, as I remember from my military days, they were a popular item in the PX.

They are all in original condition and "banged around" in a tackle box for the last 50 odd years, and not very well taken care of. But they are quite functional, and probably have never been opened. They are cleanable / restorable in my opinion.

First off is a Mitchell 300, Made in France, with 1505897 stamped on the back side of the body.

The second is a garcia Mitchell 300 with D119104 stamped on the bottom of the foot.

There are a total of (6) spools, with either 3 or 4 "vanes".

OK, what do we have here as far as desirability, and where might I best list them for collectors to see.

Thank you, Karl of St. Louis, MO

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:23 am • #  
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Karl, Welcome to the Mitchell Reel Museum :sSig_welcome2:

Sorry we have not replied sooner. On behalf of all here I would like to express our condolences upon your recent loss.

Generally speaking collectors are looking for reels in top notch condition. Also, reels that have their original box and included paperwork and accessories, in excellent condition, usually sell for higher prices. So condition rates right up near the top as far as desirability of a reel.

We have several Mates that are still using Mitchell reels to fish with and they may be interested in adding a good functional reel or two to their arsenal, but I really can not speak for them.

If you have been on eBay lately, searching for Mitchell 300 reels, you will see that the supply of poor to medium condition Mitchell 300 reels is pretty high right now. Prices are all over the place as many people want to cash in their old reels for a good price, even if they aren't in very good condition. I don't think many sellers realize that just because a reel is old doesn't necessarily make it more valuable if it is in poor condition and there is an abundance of them around. Unfortunately, there are very few reels out there that have all the qualities of a highly collectable reel and those that are out there go for very high prices unless someone can snipe one that was unnoticed. All this usually adds up to many disappointed sellers.

In my opinion your reels date as follows:
s/n 1505897-Made around 1956 and probably what we call a 5th version.
s/n D119104-Made around 1974 and probably what we call a 7th version.

Your next question probably is how much are my reels worth. For our best answer please see the following article by Wallace Carney.


I have no suggestions as far as where to list your reels for collectors to see besides eBay. If you should find someplace that is really good how about giving us a shout. ;)

Sorry I could not provide any better response. Hopefully, another Mitchell Mate can add to my comments.
Kind Regards,
Bill :tup

PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:31 am • #  
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Hi and thank you very much for you very complete reply. Much of what you have said is quite correct and I am seeing similar results with other collectibles I have.

As for these two early Mitchell 300's, I simply need to dispose of them to complete the settlement of this estate. I too frequently "fish" throughout my 79 years of life, but I have other reels that I favor, all of which date back to the 90's.

So on e-bay they both go for $40.00, two reels and 4 extra spools. Should any reader of this site be interested, they can contact me at

Again thank you for your most helpfull reply.

Karl Schmitt of St. Louis, MO

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