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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:09 pm • #  
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I just took apart my reel for service and i forgot where all the washers go and i don't understand the parts plan paper if anyone could guide me on how to put the washers back that would be great
Thank youu

PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:32 pm • #  
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Hi and welcome to the Mitchell Reel Museum :sSig_welcome4:

I'm guessing you are probably talking about the very thin rings you found while disassembling your reel. Those are what the experts call shims. It's easy to forget where they go when taking a reel apart for the first few times.

I recommend the following steps:
1. Go to the reel maintenance video and watch whole thing.
:sFun_eyescan: ... video.html

This will teach you how to take apart and service a Mitchell Reel. (Note: yours will not be exactly the same inside but you will learn the basics in a way far better than I can type them out.)

2. Photograph your fully assembled reel showing the side with the handle and include the front rotor and bail in the pic. (See pic at the very top of the Forum Page for an example of reel position for photographs only make yours as close as you can to your reel and still fit.)
3. Resize pic and save on your PC. (Note: 850 x 850 pixels is the maximum size for posting at MRM.)
4. Start a new "Reply" under this topic: "Re: Garcia Mitchell 300A washer problem HELPP").
5. In the "POST A REPLY" window, you can scroll way down to the heading "UPLOAD ATTACHMENT". Use the browse button there to locate your pic on your PC and add it as an attachment using the "Add the File" button. Review post and then hit the submit button at the bottom of the above page.
5. We can then look at your pic, identify your reel, and send you to the correct schematic.
6. Go to the recommended schematic (exploded diagram) and follow the link. We can at that point help you understand it and it will tell you exactly where everything goes.
Kind Regards,

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:24 am • #  
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As GreatLaker has said your reel, as a 300A will be a little different inside...the main point being that the pinion gear is different....far wider in circumference and with a different style of teeth, that require the gear on the rotor to also have different teeth.

The good news is that these gears, called M8 gears by Mitchell, are far less fussy about shimming and run quieter too.

But there is one part you won't have in your reel. There is no shim underneath that different rotor gear, whereas the earlier reel had one there.

Sometimes folk who service these reels do put a shim there actually, and they then have to correct the shimming that is above the rotor.

If you get stuck just ask, no problem here with helping folk set their reels up right.

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