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Not to Old to Start Over
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Author:  Wolfer [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Not to Old to Start Over

I am 68 years old and live on the Oregon Coast. I have had mitchell reels most of my life. I live in a motorhome now and sold off most everything since I sold my stick built house. I have had several mitchell 300's and before I sold my house I had two half bail reels one left hand and one right hand crank. I regret selling them. I recently purchased another left hand crank a couple weeks ago now that I live on the beach I thought since I did not do good maintenence in the past and bails often would not flip over all the way (before ebay) I did not know where to find bail springs. I got used to the half bails and realized I could forget about the bails by manually using a half bail. Now I think I should not use that reel in the salt at the surf so yesterday I purchased a 302 and have been reading up on them. It has had carbon fiber drag washers added and the seller said it was 28# drag now. My question since I will be using it alot would it be smart to buy a manual roller kit and do away with the bail? and I see I can buy ceramic oiled waterproof bearings and possibly a different cam gear to wind tighter incase I want to use braid? also I like the idea of a power handle off a 402 with the longer handle. I think I have figured out the age but maybe someone can chime in if I am wrong I think It may be a 1955 the serial number is 634511 Thats my story and I'm Stickin to It. Thanks for letting me register I have a lot to learn.

Author:  GreatLaker [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Not to Old to Start Over

Wolfer, Welcome to the Mitchell Reel Museum Forum. :sSig_welcome4:
Read your post and it sounded to me, like you are in a pretty cool spot. I always loved the ocean and the beach.

This website has lots of information but you might have to hunt around some to find answers to all of your questions. If you don't get the answers you want remember that, it's easy at first to seem somewhat bewildered, but don't give up.

I noticed that you have asked quite a few questions, on different subjects, in your post. I suggest you split your questions up into several inquiries (posts) and try to stick with only one subject per post. This should help increase your odds on getting a good answer. An example of this might be starting out by asking only for help dating your reel. Once you know what Model and Year your reel is then you can look under different topics and learn more about what you have.

If you are having trouble dating your reel(s) it really helps to add a picture to your post so the experts can see exactly what you have. Remember the old saw: "A pictures worth a thousand words".
Hear is a link that you can click on that will take you to a place in the MRM with information on dating reels. ... guide.html
Here is a link which has photographs of Mitchell 302 reels. ... salt-water
One last tip. Most all the Mitchell Reels came with a user manual and if you can find one it will have a wealth of information-try eBay. ;)
Hope this helps
Kind Regards, Bill :tup

Author:  Wolfer [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Not to Old to Start Over

Bill thanks for answering my post. I just purchased the 302 on ebay and it has not been delivered yet. I gave you the serial # from the ebay description. Still cannot figure out what year it might be. I have since purchased a manual kit to replace the bail from Fisher-Man on ebay and also bought a cross wind cam and a new ceramic bearing for when I clean and regrease it. I have never had a 302 apart before so it will be a challenge. I will ask more questions on the maintenence forum when I get the reel and parts. I am not even sure where the bearing goes lol. I assume under the rotor. Thanks Gary(ps) I read enough to know not to take the drag knob off just turn the spool counter clockwise. It said in the description it already has a drag upgrade.

Author:  Mauricio. [ Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Not to Old to Start Over

Very nice, Wolfer. I remember the 302 was, probably the first Mitchell my father had. Good memories. I hope you have a lot of pleasure to using it.

At te,

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